About Society

Aims of Society
9. To conduct many diploma certificates curricular for students to provide employment based education.

10. The Society will manage Reading rooms, Museums and Libraries for the intellectual developments of urban and rural areas.

11. The Society will enhance adult education and literary programs.

12. The Society will manage workshops for farmers to give him modern education related to agriculture for the development of agriculture in rural areas. Indian as well as foreign scientists will also be invited.

13. The Society will take help of fee-concussed medical camps as well as audio-visual medium of commencing to make people sincere towards better health and family planning programs. Besides it, service camps and blood donating camps will also be installed from time to time during natural disasters and epidemics. The Society will try to establish and conduct fee-concussed medical centers, hospitals family welfare centers for spreading medical improvement.

14. The Society will organize programs for the planning of the rights of youths and women and it will also organize educational, cultural and sport competitions for the enhancement of talents. It will invite well known personalities of different areas by organizing regularly essay competitions and symposiums, seminars.

15. To held a specific management for the welfare and education of handicapped and down-trodden children.